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Qualifications for City Council Distrit 3-


 Lynda Marrokal- Candidate for Santee City Council District 3 (Democratic Party Endorsement)


The Marrokal Family has been in Santee since the 1960’s. Lynda’s mother Mildred was on the Planning Committee started in 1968 to incorporate the city of Santee. The family was honored for their contribution to the city with a street bearing their name, Marrokal Lane. Lynda was taught the importance of being involved in the community by her parents, and she is continuing the family legacy and following in their footsteps. 


An entrepreneur from an early age she opened a cab company called “Town and Country” in 1978. Medallions were "the best investment in America” at the time. These medallions were permits to operate a cab company, and Lynda was the first women and the youngest person to ever receive a medallion in San Diego County.  


Marrokal also worked in private investigation and protection field. She served under a former secret service agent for President Ford for nine years which gave her a keen insight into the justice and criminal system. 


Lynda then decided to follow her creative passions and start her photography studio in 1984 which is still operating today. L and M Photo has a long history of doing business in Santee, and this gives Lynda insight into how the city needs to support small businesses. Charity is an important part of Lynda's life she has given her time and talents for decades to many charity and city events over the years.


Marrokal also has been running one of the top Orthopedic practices at Paradise Valley Hospital, for over 20 years.  Lynda was a crucial person in the creation of a multimillion-dollar charity fund called “The Unfunded Program” at Paradise Valley Hospital. This fund provides patients with no means to pay for medical care and expenses to receive the care they need. This program has helped thousands and continues to help those in need to this day.



As an owner of over six acres of Santee, she has a personal interest in the city flourishing. Lynda has been active and attending city council meetings for years, and she understands the importance of the people's voice being heard. 


Marrokal was elected and served on the “Santee Redevelopment Project Committee” from 2002-2005.  She was an integral part of the team responsible for; Housing Preservation Loan Programs, Emergency Housing Assistant Grants, Mobile Home Rental Assistance Programs, First Time Home Buyer Program, Affordable Housing Project, Community Development Block Grants and other vital programs which are all still a part of the general plan for the city of Santee today.


 Lynda Marrokal's years of dedicated service to the city of Santee show that she is the most qualified candidate for City Council District 3.  Marrokal wants to continue to serve the people of Santee because she cares.

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